"Sphere" Puzzle Prototype 0A

A first take on a Spherical world puzzle.

Things I need to work on:

* Test clearances (I think they're too big right now, but to properly test it I REALLY need my own 3D printer, and MakeX has yet to come back with news about when I'm getting the MIGO from December's design competition X/)

* Add relief design to the sphere, to make it prettier.

* Make it a full sphere.

* find the best orientation to print the pieces

* Explore if it's better to have an internal "wire frame" to assemble the pieces on, or have more 3 dimensional hooks in the puzzle pieces to properly fit them together.

I think the wire frame idea would help with stability after assembly, but then it'd be about figuring out a way for the pieces to fit on the wire frame without spoiling the puzzle...


Lots of work to be done, but I felt releasing at least the basic model could be interesting.

Especially since, as with a lot of projects I undertake, I might completely forget/lose interest in this one and never work on it again X/

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"Sphere" Puzzle Prototype 0A

  • 12. 5. 2018
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